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Squabbling About What Is In God’s Hand
Published Oct 29, 2022 IN THE BULL EYE,
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SQUABBLING About What Is In God’s Hand

In contemporary times there are more moral limbo in our socio—economic and political con­glomerates and geo—political zones reflecting in our polities, as if vices and violence were accepted as features of political life, whereas it is more of campaigns of calumny recently . Some see themselves as alpha and omega as what Louis XIV of France referred to asl’etatc’estmoi, meaning am the state, consequently demonstrating the kind of absolute power, he exer­cises in his empire, as if he is the omnipotent God and unstoppable. We should not squabble about what is in God’s hand or tussle and wrangle about what ought not to be.

In our political milieu some of our political gladiators have overstretched their lucks, thereby causing confu­sions and thereby violating the fundamental human rights of the citizens who are more vulnerable than we can imagine.

According to the late sage Chief Jeremiah Obafemi A­wolowo ‘’it is better to make constructive criticisms than to overthrow government’ ’ And I dare to add that experience is good if not bought too dear, because personalities like Awolowo, in reviewing his life and times, will reveal to you the value of power and the strength of government used against those who have dream for his country. And such a person may be consid­ered or charged with the treasonable felony in haste,

 If his aspirations are misinterpreted or if not well known to the government or seen as a man becoming too powerful for his opponents, you must have read his books my Adventures In Power: firstly My March Through Prison, Secondly, For the good of My people, thirdly, Travails of democracy and the rule of law.

All these have shown to us that in politics the ulti­mate aim aim is the attainment of power, but it must not be do—or--die.

It is against this background that all Nigerians should be guided in their utterances to avoid campaigns of misrepresentation, hate speech, disunity and, mock­ery and ridicule, of other personalities or stakeholders.

If the voters, supporters and the central character are extremely angry and vexatious to the spirit, and desirous of changing those at the helm of powers, they should have a rethink to have team spirit, and do so effectively rather than allowing demon of party spirits to dislodge and throw Nigeria, the most populous black race into confusion. Those who stay in glass houses should not throw stones.

The functions of government is to protect the lives, rights and properties of the governed and we should set agenda for them ,asking them what will be their manifestoes, promises , should they eventually win .What should the electorate expect or what should be our course or bearing , will it be business as  usual. What can we do to restore an asphyxiating nation like ours? All insurgent movements and Biafra agitations how can we nip them in the bud? Oil theft, free and fair elections, university funding and ranking, pruning of the proliferated political parties, constitution amend­ment, rising debt profile, brain drain, sacred cows, and so on, should be upper most in our in our minds, rather than crying wolves.

Apparently, the youths are the eagerly available tools the parties used, those at the productive age and some die hard stakeholders are the ones used for the mess and at every little token there is betrayer and conspiracy. if the youths want a true face of Nigeria and want the election to be a true reflection of the exercise they can play a decisive role, but the love that follows us sometimes is our trouble, if at every unit we can have internal democracy, and be decent, factual, honest irrespective or how ox is gored, it means we are almost there,but not to try is cowardice but to try and fail is a prerequisite for other trials. If somebody says Nigeria will break, say God forbid, and if it eventually breaks it I can also be for good, many countries have also disinte­grated and still be in exist for good., What is expected of us is how to reset our inner compass. Especially, politicians, supporters and card carrying members our concern should be of how to sell their party to victory ad present vibrant, Impeccable and sellable personali­ties enriched with issues of the economy and not squabbling about what ought not to be .

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