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‘’ Are We Bereft Of Ideas Or …?’’
Published Oct 22, 2022 IN THE BULL EYE,
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JOHN Fitzgerald Kennedy, one time an American President (popularly called JFKennedy) once added a drive and vitality to the political behaviour and carriage of the Americans, when he said ‘’ask not what your country can do for you; rather ask what you can do for your country, because the country you want to do something for, will surely give you a sense of belonging.’’ This has in no small way given the American an impetus to strive harder in all walks of life to excel and become part of the bandwagon and the inclination to make America stand tall in the gallery of all nations.

It is the British that Nigeria gained independence from and copied their political system, known as parliamentary system of government. Today we are practising the presidential system of government, of the Americans, but to what extent have we gone to perfect ours inline with that of the duo countries we have borrowed from. They fight corruption easily because of their organized system of government, because they are not wasting and stealing in the way we do. They have periodic elections, realistic headcount and planning, called population census. They have Universities, some are renowned all over the world, where Nigerians excelling as prominent researchers and professsors. They also have raw materials and industries, well utilized, we also pos­sessed numerous resources that we have not be able to utilize properly for the benefit of mankind.

I believe that they were able to attain the heights they were able to reach today because of spar­kling ideas, political will and strong institutions which must have impacted on their people and government, because of trust impacted on them from generations to generation .Because a candidate who you trusted and voted for because of his per­sonality, character and manifestoes, if he eventually wins; and ultimately becomes the president, you will surely have a sense of belonging thereafter.

It was against this backdrop that they are leading and others are following. Except we get our bearing right, we may be recycling the cycle without getting into the right orbit , that is recycling old leaders, like used tea bags. We may ask ourselves some striking questions, namely why are we poor in spite of the various resources we are endowed with , why do our citizens shine with exceptional degrees ,character and capacities , but are being witch hunted here. Why are we not investing in Agriculture and why do we treat the Niger Delta region, the Treasure Island as an urchin. Why are we almost corrupt in all facets of our lives, is it police, para—military, civil service, tourism, oil, military, customs, industries, aviation, universities, and many more. This is why as in words of George Carlie, ‘’if you do not vote you lose the right to complain, we must not complain, but to exercise our franchise.

This piece is also ignited by the statement of the Labour Party presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi, when he said that ‘’Nigeria is not bereft of ideas but institutions weakness and lack of political will to effect a genuine change that will better the lives of the average Nigerian. He was also with the need to develop the economy .He was also strong-minded to unlocking the greatness of the country and lift her from a consuming country a producing one. He also reiterated that he would make insecurity a thing of the past, as he vowed to create employment opportunities for the teeming youths and made them productive by drifting away from the prevailing political limbo to reduce the multidimensional vices suffocating the country. In his words the security agencies will be equipped to handle all forms of insecurity. Despite the fact that he had once posited that human beings are the greatest assets, he had also corroborated that land like human beings are also one of the factors of production,. He was also of the belief that once elected the vast land in the North will be properly utilized to transform the country in all the nooks and crannies of the country. Whose turn is it to make history in Nigeria, just as the Olympic heroes do make history in every four years of the fascinating age-long sports. All over the world people make history every day across the globe. Is Buhari, INEC, or the Electoral Act. IN Who do we trust is it in PVC or Nigerians. Neverthe­less, remember what you think you can do for your country to make it great, united and transformed.



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