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PVCs As Means Of Liberating Nigeria From Economic Squalor
Published Aug 24, 2022 IN Column, SATURDAY COVER,
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T is now very clear that voter’s card (PVC) is a way of liberating the country from shackles of poverty. So many Nigerian are beginning to see the need to get themselves registered in order to be armed with PVCs, which is like getting oneself equipped for an impending war.

People want to vote in their preferred candidates, people are tired of fake promises and voting in the name of parties instead of reliable and dependable  good candidates.

Having seen that suffering is everywhere in the country due to bad governance which is product of bad leadership. Most Nigerians, put together, are saying “NO” to bad leaders, and the only to give a knock to such bad leaders, is by voting them out come 2023 elections.

This writer who took the pains to go out and get people’s reaction on the issue of PVC can reliably confirm that Nigerians, particularly the youths, have decided to take the bull by the horn by ensuring all bad elements politicking in the nation’s political space, are forced out of  politics.

 She was particularly thrilled about the patriotism being exhibited by the youths and other Nigerians in the collection of PVCs. As it seems now, many Nigerians do not want to be seen blaming all the time, while they remain at home not coming out to vote, turning themselves to arm-chair critics.

Nigerians really made me proud, especially the youths, for coming out in their numbers to register, traveling to their home states or updating their information to see that they participate well in the upcoming election.

That is a clarion call to one’s civic responsibility, and an act of patriotism. If Nigerians were as cooperative as they are today in finding solution to the nation’s problems, I believe most of the politicians whose activities give them out as plagues ravaging the country would not have found their ways to the political terrain.

Nigerians showed interest in the collection of their PVCs from the very first time the registration started up till when it ended. Both they and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) officials deserve kudos for bearing with those who could not meet up with time due to their job schedules and giving them extension; it shows how everybody wants the progress of the country and to some bosses who gave their staff permission to go get registered.

The media too should be commended for the publicity and sensitization given to the masses on the need to get themselves registered by collecting their PVCs and ensuring that they come out enmass to vote for the candidates of their choice.     

My first encounter was a heavily pregnant woman by the name Mrs. Pelumi Adebayo who recently relocated down to Asaba with her family; she was there with her husband to transfer her card to Delta State. She was so happy and patient enough despite her condition to ensure that her mission was accomplished.

According her, ‘’Change starts with me” she also made mention of inadequate facilities and poor management. In her words, ‘’How can four staff be attending to hundreds of people every day and expect people who have businesses and other jobs they are doing to have that kind of patient, it is not possible. And this has made a lot of people to go without being registered. I have been here since 6:00am and we waited for the staff to come and attend to us but you see me am out for it.’’                        

 One Miss. Blessing Odigwe also shared her experience on how they were locked outside the gate for hours because the crowd was much and also lamented that when her batch finally entered that the internet was bad but she was not discouraged at all and at the end of the day she updated her information.   

This writer also met with one Master Chibuzor Eke who came to register for his voter’s card for the very first time in his life and said he had been to INEC office for three consecutive days but due to the crowd he met he had not been attended to, promising that he would see to the end of it. He also made mention of joining other patriotic Nigerians in changing the political narrative of the country.  ‘’I have to get prepared for the forth-coming election, come February 2023, I will do the needful.’’

One Mr. Chinedu Obieze who just came back to the country also wants to exercise his franchise, he says ‘’it’s time to decide the fate of Nigeria again and I am happy people are taking it serious,’’ he added ‘’I will try my possible best to advised those Nigerians abroad who can come back for the election to make sure they update their cards, saying ‘’what is going on now is no longer a child’s play and we should take our country serious and nobody should say that Nigeria is not their business.’’  While praying for God’s intervention, he advised all Nigerians to do their best as humans because every vote counts.

 One Dr. John who could not register due to his busy schedule at the hospital at that particular time said he would not be deterred, and that if the opportunity offers itself again that he would not fail to do so, and advised people to vote wisely.

We have all heard from Nigerians who went to register and how eager they want to register and willing to vote despite the time wasted and all that.

INEC has actually extended the time enough, if no further extension is made; it is alright with the high number of Nigerians already registered.


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