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Civil Servants Dressing In Habits Required Of Workers In An Ultra-Modern Secretariat
Published Jul 13, 2022 IN Column, SATURDAY COVER,
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WHO would have thought that civil servants have the inner craving to actually dress to match their contemporaries in corporate organizations?

There’s no denying the fact that they can actually give the bankers and other corporate organizations staff a run for their money.

Civil servants ‘I hail all of us, there’s a saying that “na tree wen near tree main make monkey smart”. Also permit me to say that “goat sef na big animal, but for the short legs”. Apparently, what’s worth doing is worth doing well, Governor Okowa has done well, with his star project of erecting the most standard Ultra- Modern Secretariat edifice located in the state capital, Asaba, that may be difficult to find in any State of the Federation nay Africa.

To be frank, if you wish to feed your eyes with beau­tiful creatures in form of well- endowed women with beautiful hair styles, well manicured nails as well as ornaments such as earrings, bangles and simple neck­laces, just come in the morning between the hours of 7.30am to 8.00am in-order to catch a glimpse and the closing hours of 4.00pm/4:30pm.

That’s not all, the fragrance of the perfume civil ser­vants wear these days is fantastic both in the women and male folks. The men are not left out of the “I must look good and appear better than others in the new Secretariat”.

Men ‘O yeee’ They have done away with their coats, but now wear trendy soul touching suits ,trendy trou­sers with slim and customized neck ties as well as car­rying fine haircuts and doing away with the traditional civil servant bushy hair styles.

A simple research, personally carried out showed that civil servants dress very well to the office these days due to fact that the environment is beautiful and conducive, you can snap beautiful photographs anywhere within the complex and say you snap such outside the country, secondly, some person’s remarked that “you can dress well, with your face powder and make-up intact throughout the day due to the non- stop air conditioners”. There are inter-com gadgets, in every office you step into to discharge your duties, as well as the uninter­rupted power supply. What a world!.

On the other hand, when visitors come around between the hours of 9:00am and 1:30pm, you may mistake the place to be deserted because they have all settled down for serious business. Presently, you hardly can differentiate a driver and his boss, because the dressing code has changed for good.

Well, well, well, Fridays you need to see those that are fed up with their suits and ties as a result of their official duties demand. Just come and feed your eyes with wonderful native attires of men and women looking radiant.

Come to think of it, in spite of the dress well attitude and postures, productivity has really increased in terms of produc­tive hours put in by civil servants across board.

Sincerely, Governor Okowa has done well; proximity of the offices is one factor that has really increased productivity, coupled with the elevators that adorned the edifice, as well as the presence of restaurants, crèche and clinic amongst other facilities .Security gadgets are top notch in the secretariat.

A proper observation will bring you to reality that youth corps members prefer to transfer their one-year mandatory service to Delta State because they would work in a peaceful environment as well as a peaceful and a dynamic state with little or no security challenges at all.

However, life is about the good, the bad and the ugly. Even the holy book stated that man must be faced with challenges, but He God will make a way for us PS.46:1.

So the bad thing about the Ultra-Modern Secretariat is that debtors have been brought together with their creditors, such that you cannot be telling all those plenty lies of “I’m not at work today or sick not at work” because of distance of one ministry to the other as formerly experienced. Please debtors be sincere now to your creditors and be of good behavior to them, the lord is your strength.

Delta State civil servants are appealing to the amiable State governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa to help with our promotion arrears or add a wardrobe allowance to the salaries, in-order to blend favorably with the new dressing code, that we are adjusting to, as well as the killing house rent and choking high cost of living we are faced with, particularly in the state capital and its major suburbs of Okpanam, Ibusa, and with wild spread spill to Issele-Asagba, the gateway to Asaba Capital Territory.

Believe it or not, civil servants are at the mercy of shylock landlords, occasioned by the “yahoo boys” lavishing their ill-gotten money around. Civil servants are faced with many chal­lenges ranging from high cost of food items, expensive tuition fees, and high cost of transportation amongst other recurrent expenditures that had gradually put on undue pressure and chain reactions on friends and dependants of civil servants.

There’s presently mental stress, which the resultant effect is unnecessary forgetfulness, psychological and emotional imbal­ance in the society at large.

Civil servants in one voice are saying thank you Governor Okowa, the road Master, for the wonderful edifice and face lift you have given us and for saving for the State, by courageously putting an end to all rented apartments.

“In the beginning, your matter na our matter, at the end too, we pray that our matter should equally be your matter”. Our Excellency, in Jesus Mighty name you will finish well.

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