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How Maureen-Meg Hooked Daniels At Last
Published Jul 26, 2020 IN Column, Blitz,
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 A 32 year-old man from Okemesi, Ondo State, an Accountant by training, has been hooked as husband by Maureen-Meg Adamson, the 28 year-old woman who cried out to the public through our newspaper (The POINTER) to help link her to a man that would marry her because her younger sisters had all been married, and afraid too that it had been confirmed that she was under some form of spell not to have a child throughout her life time on this planet earth even when married.


She said any man that agrees to marry her will have a storey building built for him by her in the man’s village, and that the man would be taken to Sun City, in South Africa, for shopping and honeymoon, aside other goodies that awaited such man if able to put her in the family way. There is, however, a proviso on the promises; taking the would-be- husband to Sun City will be after marrying her and being certified pregnant.


The lucky man who got hooked to her is Mr. Folarin Ajiboye Daniels, who was before the link up unemployed. He was linked up to Maureen-Meg through Benson Chukwuekwu Okobi-Allanah of The POINTER Newspapers,who was then in Lagos Area Office. Though Folarin Ajiboye Daniels was teaching in a private school in Lagos, the salary was nothing to write home about to warrant him in admitting he was employed.


The Federal University of Technology, Akure, graduate said he had never been involved in any serious relationship with the opposite sex let alone proposing marriage to any girl as he was almost at the verge of taking a life decision to remain a celibate since not being engaged in any meaningful employment five years after graduation ‘when this great opportunity offered itself” as he puts it in an exclusive interview with Relationship Blitz in Victoria Island, Lagos.


Maureen Meg’s Humble Regret:Before Maureen Meg left the Ijora-Lagos office of The POINTER’S newspapers that day, after narrating her plight, she humbly requested that all calls coming in (just in case there was any)in respect of her distress call to the public for a husband, should be received by Relationship Blitz (RB) anchorman, Benson ChukwuekwuOkobi-Allanah. ‘If the person calling is a man, try to get his age, where he is calling from and what he does for a living.’ RB was also advised not to disclose her address to anybody until there was one that contacted him (RB) in person.


Telephone Calls Received From Saturday July 18 to July 25

Relationship Blitz received the very first telephone call on Saturday, July 18 at about 8.05a.m., from Miss. Blessing Mgbeken of No. 8, Bazuaye Street, Off Mariere Street, Agbor. The last call was from one Vicky fromAsabawho phoned in to give advice to Maureen- Meg just like Blessing did.


On that Saturday, July 18 alone, 421 calls were received from different parts of the country which included calls from Aba in Abia State and Port-Harcourt in Rivers State. Most of the calls were from Asaba and its environs, Warri, Agbor, Ogwashi-uku,Umunede, Ozoro, Emevon, Ughelli, Sapale, Issele-iku, Kwale, Obiaruku, Effurun, Benin-city, Auchi, to mention but these few. About 25 missed calls and several flashes were recorded that Saturday.


Calls were received in subsequent days from several other towns in Delta State, Lagos, Abuja and Onitsha, with the callers either indicating interest to get hooked to Maureen-Meg or offer her some piece of advice.

What Some Callers Said and Advised:Mr. Stephen Asiekwu from Ogbeleowele quarters, Okpanam,advised Maureen-Meg through RB, that at her age there was no need to despair over having children because of an alleged suspicious spell being cast on her; and the fact that her younger sisters had gotten married did not mean she would not get her own husband as everyone has or her destiny to contend with. He told her to come to Okpanam where he was sure she would find solution to her problem.


Mr. Sunday Egbune from Isele-uku, said he read with deep interest of Maureen-Meg’s predicament and as such would like to offer her his own piece of advice. Mr. Egbune who claims to be a devotee of Sat Guru Maharaji, advised Mau-Meg to go to kilometer 10, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ibadan, where he says Maureen-Meg will find immediate solution to her problem, adding that God will in His infinite mercy do something wonderful for her.


One Pastor Steve who is also a Maritime Reporter living at No 21, Akinsilire Street, off CeleAdetola Street, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos, said Maureen-Meg’s predicament was either that of ancestral curse or sin of blood guiltiness. While ensuring of Maureen-Meg’s total deliverance if brought to his church or any other living church, he said in the past, his church dealt with a similar problem, adding that unless the forces were dealt with, she was not likely to be delivered from bondage of not being seen by men as a material for marriage.


Mr. Mark from Warri fervently begged to be linked with Maureen-Meg, just like one Okechukwu from Onitsha, equally pleaded for the same purpose. According to Mark, he said coming in contact with Maureen-Meg and being allowed to be married to her, will make her have more number of children than her younger sisters who first got married before her because he had put many girls who came in contact with him in family way in the past. He says the only problem with him is that he is a sharp-shooter who never gets to the goal-mouth without scoring. He pleaded with RB to ensure that he was the one linked to Maureen-Meg.


One Iyke Precious from Aba wanted a direct link to Maureen-Meg as what he said he wanted to tell her required some high level of confidentiality.


One Ugonna from Port-Harcourt, with many others I am not going to put down their names here due to space, said the reason why many girls in Port-Harcourt run away from him, especially Rumumola girls, was that he was fond of impregnating them-those that came his way.He told Maureen-Meg not to mind the spell cast on her, that she should come and give him a trial. He, therefore, pleaded with me (RB) to link him straight to her so that they could have one-on-one discussion and proffer solution to her problem.


One other caller from Ogwashi-uku promised he would give half of Maureen-Meg’s mouth-watering offers to RB if he succeeded in linking him to her. He said he had been the punching bag of poverty despite the fact that he was greatly favoured with healthy sperm which never failed to cause protrusion of the stomach for any woman he crossed.


Where Relationship Blitz Misfired:I had received close to 240 callsthe next day, being Sunday when a caller, one Mr. FolarinAjiboye Daniels phoned, asking me to please link him up with Maureen-Meg. And like one that had lost all his sense of reasoning, I told him without hesitation. It was after I told him that I started wondering what made me to tell Daniels how to reach Maureen-Meg. I couldn’t just understand. This was a lady that earlier told me not to disclose her address to any caller on phone unless that person contacted me in person. But here was I feeling guilty of what I was told not to do but had done—revealing Maureen-Meg’s address to a Daniel I don’t really know.


Maureen Meg Phones Relationship Blitz:Having disclosed Maureen-Meg’s address to Daniels without knowing how I was moved to doing that, she (Maureen- Meg) phoned to tell me that one Daniels that phoned me about an hour ago was right there with her in her house. She blamed me for disclosing her address the manner I did, saying that she wanted all callers to call first through me (RB) before knowing the next step to follow. She, however, told me not to worry that she was beginning to fall in love with Daniels who had revealed all his secrets concerning his past love life with girls just like she did revealed to me about her past, saying that Daniels was more or less a virgin of a man.


How Folarin Ajiboye Daniels Met Maureen-Meg: Having revealed her address to him, he said he decided to go straight to her instead of coming to see me (RB) first. He revealed that his earlier intension was to meet me first and if possible offer me some bribe in order to help clear the road for him for the marriage. But on a second thought, he decided to go it all alone. The 6ft, 8 inches tall man with a pointed nose told Relationship Blitz that all he wanted to do was to try his luck since he knew a lot of men would be interested ‘You can trust Nigerian men when it comes to a thing like this.’


He said he met Maureen-Meg lying down on a sofa. She had asked me in without daring to look at my direction to know who the person that called to see her was. Half of her thighs were revealed as she lay on the padded sofa, face down. The sitting room was quite exquisite.’


As one with a high taste for interior decoration, she gave the entire house a make-over so that everything in the entire 3 bedrooms flat, which is part of one of her late father’s sprawling edifices in Victoria Island, was neatly arranged and well-placed.’ The very first time I (RB) got there, I was dumbed founded over the things I saw; some beautiful things I have not seen in most homes I have entered.


Daniels said when she got up and saw him; there was a surprise look on her beautiful face. ‘Believe me; I was thinking it was my cousin, Harold, staying in the next flat that called. You must have noticed I got up with reluctance’ Maureen-Meg told Daniels, sounding somewhat apologetic. ‘Apart from looking alike, you have the same voice with my cousin.’


They will both be in Maureen-Meg’s hometown near Port-Harcourt for the traditional marriage soon, after which the solemnization of their marriage will take place in Port-Harcourt city. If after the marriage Daniels is able to put her in the family way, they will proceed to Sun-City for shopping and proper honey moon bliss. Two top Nigerian artistes will perform on wedding day, while RB’s anchorman has been tipped as Daniels best man.

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