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Now That The Days Of Romance Are Over
Published Jul 18, 2020 IN Column, WILLY BEE, RELATIONSHIP BLITS,
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 The ideas of having romantic relationships with ladies are now over. In a harsh Covid regulated terms people are expected to be distant from the next person.


How do lovers propose to their female friends when proximity to the next person had been pegged at three feet apart?


Love stories are now on the decline and many people are worried more about surviving these crazy times and little attention is paid to love stories.


Love had taken flight out of the windows and romance is on some permanent leave of absence.


For those who love drinking they buy their drinks and drink in the privacy of their homes without peering eyes.


I had previously opined that this virus might well lead to break down in most marriages as couples both young and old are cautiously avoiding sexual intercourse for for fear of Corona Virus invading their privacy.


How do the people of Nollywood and Hollywood live their luxurious lifestyles without making love?


We all know that love makes the world go round and when that aspect of life of people are distorted it makes living into a kind of hell.


Issues of sex appear like a taboo in the minds of most people and any open discussion on the matter does not go down well with people with deep religious inclinations.


People who are hollywoodish in lifestyles would resist the order to leave their loving partners alone for the night.


For alcoholics they prefer to drown themselves in plenty of beer to while away their times in the homes or even hotels.


The propensity to indulge one’s self in these loverboy activities had diminished so fast and it is stylishly making a statement of life does not necessarily have to be in a romance mood.


People abhor sex as something that should not be discussed in public but for our purposes we need to talk about it openly and freely.


It is not easy for people to adhere to the truth about life and the changing realities in the way life must be followed in a way that an essential role sex plays in our collective lives.


Those who dislike sex should find themselves a home in the Monasteries or should become Reverend fathers or sisters. There is so much pretence in the air and with the growing number of pretenders around us we are usually accused of being sex maniacs, so to say.


Those who talk loudly about sex may not necessarily be the worst offenders in this game of name calling.


Those who pretend to the contrary are, perhaps, the worst offenders and it is done so discreetly that they would pass for saints in the eyes of the public.


When William Shakespeare wrote many years ago that ‘There is no art to find the mind’s construction in the face’ he was referring to artful dodgers who disguise like honest and innocent men.


They are actually wolfs in sheep’s clothing.


What now compels men to shy away from running around skirts of every shape or form is the financial squeeze we all face in our day to day lives.


If one moved around some of the five star hotels in our cities we will surprisingly find that women of easy virtue flaunt their bodies in these place soliciting for customers for either quickies of long time relationships in these beautiful houses of relaxations and hospitality routines.


These ladies mean business to survive the harsh economic times. And their customers are the victims of exploitation- the men who desire to let off steam for the right and wrong reasons. It takes two to tango, the saying goes.


Prostitutes are in the game to help unmarried men who find it difficult to find younger women to play with along the lines of mutual friendship, at least, for a fee as agreed to by both players.


Such relationships are purely for commercial reasons, but as time goes on, romance sets in with the passage of time.


Commercial ventures by the women loitering around hotels later become regular romantic bouts after establishing greater confidence with themselves.


After several rounds of sleeping around with their men they become close pals and they even forget to ask for fees.


Sex works wonders with both men and women, hence they could give their male partners credit facilities to be paid much later.


Sexual bouts with partners make it look like an opium from which they find it hard to forget in a hurry.


To be frank, sex is a pleasurable experience for the participants and no one can explain why it had become a way of life for all who are practitioners in this sex game.


It does not need any special education to find out that sex is like the typical English man’s cup of tea which he takes as many times a day in the UK.


Romance sneaks in silently as the sex partners winding away in their romantic intercourses.

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