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Sex Dismantled
Published Jan 30, 2021 IN Column, HEART 2 HEART BOOSTER,
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 (Bitter Reality of Sex)

The message you are about to read today is not for religious mind or religious believers. It is not for those who sees sex truth as unholy or irritating because it was God who created Sex, and nothing is wrong or evil talking about it.


The churches won’t tell you what you are about to read now, because they are protecting the image of the church and the morality of children and youths in their midst. But in midst of hiding this truth from them, the children and youths has decided to learn it else amdt the wrong way and has misused what God created as Holy as a thing of filthiness and rottingness .


Africans hardly speak about sex because it’s like a thing of taboo to them, yet they keep multiplying mysteriously in astonishing manner. There is high rates of unwanted pregnancy daily and thousands of unborn babies has been aborted due to ignorance and lack of knowledge about sex and it’s consequences.


Nigeria, is the giant of Africa because she is the most populated nation in African continent and yet Nigerians hardly speak or talk about sex in public but they do the unimaginable in secret, and that has earned us the ‘ Giant of African’ as most populous African nation and we hate talking about sex. Who is fooling who? Chai, I fear for my country people.


SEX as the word sounds passes one single message to the mind of an average person, which is intimacy between a man and a woman. But today, reverse is the case, because it’s no more between a man and a woman but between kids, teenagers and youths and between man to man and woman to woman and between man and animals. The order in which God had arranged sex has been changed by increase of knowledge in the world ,tho, a corrupted knowledge.


In this message I am going to dismantle every form and area of sex that you might know or might not know, so that everyone will know where they belong and corrects what needs to be corrected before it’s too late.


Sex Defined.


What is SEX?


SEX is defined as an activities associated with sexual intercourse. Gender reference wasn’t given both animal, fishes and human beings do perform sexual intercourse, for the sake of reproduction of their kinds.


Sex can also be either a man or a woman (Gender Division).


Male sex organ is the Penis.


A woman sex organ is called Vagina.


Yes, Penis and vagina. Don’t look me like that o, because it’s not me that created the names for each one ????.


According to study sex is the most sweetest thing that will ever happen to human body and even animals. It comes with an excitement and climax that can make one be in the clouds. Don’t ask me how I take know o because it’s no secret, even to you reading this. Knowledge is still power.


SEX was created by God for procreation of life through sexual intercourse. It permitted between two opposite sex and same sex. It is also between two married people and not for singles Gen 1:28 and Gen 2:24.


Tho, In our world today, and right from Bible days Sex has been abused and misused by man due to exploration and freedom of choice, which has caused more chaos and doom to the entire world.


Properties Of Sex.

Sex doesn’t just begin at having sexual intercourse with someone, something has to brought two people together before they engage in sex act. There’s nothing like we just met and we had sex, it’s a lie. Sex has to be initiated and triggered consciously or unconsciously by you towards another or you are aroused by another opposite sex.


It is those things that lead to the main act of sex , is what I refer to as sex properties.


1. SEX DRIVE: sex drive is physiological need for sexual activity. That is , you feel like having sex. We are sexual beings and for that reason we all have sex drive, it doesn’t come always but when it comes the desire will be tense on you but it’s up to you to control it, either by taking your mind of it or you fall into it, the choice is yours to make. If you are married, lucky for you, meet your spouse and do the needful, but if you are not married stay clear, it won’t kill you. Sex drive shows you are sexually okay and not to start looking for someone to quench it for you. It is inborn. God placed it there so you can be drown to your spouse and not another.


2. SEX HORMONES: this are hormones in your body that affects the development and growth of your sex organs. Their duty is to make your private organs grow accordingly. During this process, the girl will start developing breast, pubic hair and having round waist. She will also have thinner voice and signs of menstrual cycles. The boy on the other hand , will start having erection ( the penis becomes hard once in awhile), they will be signs of semen on your boxer when you wake up, nothing is wrong with you. It is called wet Dream. This is part of puberty growth. The boys will also have deeper voice and broad shoulders and sex urge will increase at this stage. Solution is self control through the Word of God. 



To be continued

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