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Man Meets Death Trying To Chase Boy Who Exchanged Phone Number With His Daughter
Published Jul 18, 2020 IN Column, ODDWORLD,
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They gave his name as Mr. Francis, and described him as a manwho looked outwardly gentle and refined, but inwardly dangerous, full of suspicion, and every time policing her daughter.


He was said to have accompanied his daughter to an office in Asaba to obtain forms that will enable her enroll into the university. The office which was filled to capacity, or do I say beyond capacity, despite the ravaging Covid-19 that forbids gathering of people, especially in clusters, was where Mr. Francis was seen struggling to be attended on time irrespective of the fact that they were people that came before him, while his beautiful daughter sat in midst of some other young prospective candidates that came for the same purpose.


A young handsome boy sitting close to Mr. Francis’s daughter could be seen eyeing her lustfully according to an eye-witness who told ODDWORLD it was like he had premonition of what was going to happen and kept watch over what was likely to happen.


‘I observed that the man, Mr. Francis, despite waiting anxiously to be attended to, also had his eyes every minute on his daughter as if someone was planning to kidnap her. Apart from the boy who was yet to collect his own form that was looking at her lustfully, I don’t really know if there was any other boy in the hall which floor was fully ornamented with slippery tiles, that was giving the beautiful daughter of Mr. Francis any lustful look or glance because the difficulty in getting the form was enough frustration for anyone to have time for any other thing other than the form we all came to collect.’


ODDWORLD’s source said the boy who had this time engaged the beautiful girl in some lively conversations as shown by the way heand the girl were smiling heartily, then brought out his diary from which he tore out a sheet of paper and scribbled something on it. The source said it was later discovered that what he wrote on the piece of paper was his contact in Asaba, and his mobile phone number, ending it with the sentence ‘I’m really in love with you; just let me have your number’.


The piece of paper, our source revealed, was it, Mr. Francis, from where he was standing, trying to collect the form for his daughter, shouted at the boy, ‘Let me see that thing my daughter just handed over to you.’ And all eyes in the hall were on the boy.


The boy, afraid that he might be brutally handled by him, then left where he was standing as if trying to respond to his call, and then took off. Mr. Francis went after him, ensuring that he closed up with him. Just as he rushed down through the staircases, he slipped and had his forehead dashed on the edge of one of the stairs.


He then let out a sharp cry as blood gushed out from the deep gash on his forehead. He was immediately rushed to one of the hospitals on Dennis Osadebay Way. But he could not make it to the hospital, St. Rebecca’s Specialist Hospital before he gave up the ghost.


The form was neither collected by him again nor by his daughter as the latter joined others on rescue mission to take her father to hospital which unfortunately he could not get to.


The boy, who is currently being hunted for, escaped, switching off his phone. As at the time of filing this report, his whereabouts was yet to be established.


When ODDWORLD contacted the late man’s wife on phone, she blamed her husband for not letting her daughter be, saying ‘he keeps policing my daughter as if she is a kid, somebody that has attained the age of 15. I warned him to stop disturbing my girl he wouldn’t listen. I once asked him if he was the one that would marry his daughter. Look at now, he has left me with the responsibility of fending for the children alone. Tell me where I’ll start from? Was he free from chasing himself? Has he not been chasing girls of his daughter’s age? I think he has now seen the result of policing his daughter every minute.’ She

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