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How Akwa Ate The Big Man’s Food
Published Oct 08, 2020 IN Column, RELATIONSHIP BLITS, Relationship,
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 When what makes a man a man, and leaves him as a monument and idol to be worshipped by those he encounters is now first pushed before starting like a vehicle with a weak battery, it gets to a point when the weaker sex trying to wake it up for him gets tired. The aftermath is the woman so in dire need of the weak weapon resorting to hissing, fuming, and perhaps seeking solace and solution outside.


That was what an Ukwuani, Delta State based nurse and a mother of two children, whose husband lectures in a nebouring university community, not only disclosed to both family members who came to mediate for possible reconciliation between her and her husband, but also to Relationship Blitz (RB) who, on being told what transpired between her and a truck pusher based at Umusume on infidelity issue, decided to carry out some investigation.


The 32 year-old nurse told RB point blank that she was tired of waking up a dead dick each time her husband was to engage her in sex; she said having suffered in silence after managing to have two children for him, she decided to look for someone to be teasing hot the little man in her.


Quoting Benjamin Franklin, the Bsc Nursing graduate from one of the East-based universities in Nigeria, who hails from one of the senatorial districts of Delta State up down the Niger Delta area, said ‘a house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body’.


Tracing the Nurse to her Ukwani base was a herculean task as the people I met were not willing to cooperate. One of them had told RB ‘Is it the one that is facing a sex scandal, the Nurse whose husband is a lecturer?’ I responded in the affirmative; ‘Please, I don’t want to be linked in any form to the scandal. You can make your inquiries from that man standing in front of his store. She sometimes goes there to make some photo copies.’


The man RB was referred to eventually, directed him to her house, a two bedrooms apartment she stays alone when her two children are off to a boarding school in Asaba. Her spacious sitting room painted with horse blood and yellow paints with the former below and the latter on the upper part of the building, is sparsely decorated, but decent enough for a Nurse of her status.


Coming out of her inner room, she expressed some measure of surprise before showing me to a settee with some scattered modular pillows on them. I sat facing the large plasma television while she sat on the one backing the dining table.


‘I know why you’re here without bothering to ask you. Your colleague from your organization had been here to press me for information on what he termed a sex scandal. In fact, that was even the reason I refused to grant him any interview. If I had not told my husband that I will one day do what I just did and will continue to do, it would have been a different ball game. And that explained while I was with my family and his own family members I told them without reservation why I did what I did; though they condemned me for condescending so low by allowing a very lowly- placed person to do it to me. It is where a child gets favour he goes to play. I have my reason for doing what I did like I said earlier, and no regrets.


Without meaning to take much of your time, because I can see you are preparing to leave the house, I know nothing happens without reason, please lead me into what made you act the way you acted.’ RB tried to probe into the matter.


‘If your colleague had approached me the way you did, I’m not a difficult person; I would have gladly granted him the interview. He just came saying I learnt of the sex scandal you were involved in. If it was a scandal I won’t be coming out by now. For me, I don’t see what I initiated and executed due to the frustration and suffering in silence a young lady like me is facing and enduring in the name of marriage as a scandal.


My husband is a lecturer in the neighboring town. We have two children presently. The last of the two children ought to have been senior to at least two additional children if things were moving well. Because of his randy disposition to his female students he is no longer able to perform especially when he is before me. Only God knows where the water found its way to the capillary of the legume. Not that I have no decent men that can handle me and give me the actual love pill I desired, but because I wanted his prestige lowered like he has been doing to girls of his daughter’s age at the university where he lectures, I decided to do it with the truck pusher who at times helps me to convey my food stuffs home. And aside that, other reasons attracted me to Akwa.


Was that what made you take the decision you took to sleep with the truck pusher, and what were the other reasons that attracted you to him? RB probed further.


‘Apart from reports I get that he sleeps with his female students who are in dire need of special grades in the course he lectures them in, I discovered the moment he comes to me his dick goes limp. Girls of nowadays are terrible sort of people. They can do anything to destabilize one’s marriage. I warned him to desist from moving with his female students but he wouldn’t heed to my advice. I also made him to understand that it was the reason why he could not perform each time he was with me, he still didn’t believe me until I decided to do otherwise.


The day I made up my mind to sleep with the truck pusher I asked my husband to come so that we travel to Ewesi on the Abraka –Benin road to meet a herbalist who told me what was worrying my husband was just a little problem he could easily handle and have our once blissful marriage restored. But he never turned up that day. And when I tried to ask him why, he just simply asked me to mind my business and leave him out of that arrangement. Since we don’t live in the same town, I decided not to bother him by traveling to meet him as the town he lives in is nearer to the village. If we had seen the man perhaps I would have slept at his end that day, going to my office from his house the next day since the appointment to see the herbalist was billed for 6pm.


It was threatening to rain that day. The time was about 5pm. I just came back from office and needed someone by my side. The heat that was on me was too hot to be ignored; I badly needed someone by my side that night. I moved from my residence to where Akwa the truck pusher stays with the help of a cyclist who told me he knew where he stays. Having dropped me, I paid him and off he left. The house where Akwa lives in is a mud house on a snaky road that leads to the stream at Umusume. Some parts of the house was patched with cement I believe was the remnant from a mighty bungalow recently completed close to the one Akwa stays in. From the cracks on the door that leads into his one room apartment, I could see he was sleeping, naked and with what nearly passed for a pillow on his chest. Though it was not yet 6pm everywhere was dark; an indication that it was going to rain buckets. In his sleep I watched as everything on his body was nodding, his entire body exuding with much energy. I knocked twice but gently. Akwa got up and tied a wrapper round his waist before coming to open the door.’


According to the Nurse, Akwa is a tall man, averagely plump and full of energy that set the veins on his biceps and calves standing out each time he was on duty pushing his hand-pulled loaded truck. Akwa, she says, has the power of ten men joined together and hardly talked when at the garage. These qualities, she said, attracted her in no small way.


He was said to be taken aback as he set his eyes on the Nurse, wondering what must have brought her to his house.


‘Madam, do you have any load? The rain is about to start, I can’t go out now, abeg-o.’


Just as the Nurse was about to tell him it was not what she came for, the rain began in earnest, dropping strokes that could inflict injuries on anyone they landed on. And it came with a terrible wind, blowing as if looking for things to pull down. It was a good mood set for some romantic moments.


With that, the Nurse went inside and sat on the only dirty-looking chair in Akwa’s room. Is it not said that it is what is important to the fowl it seeks in the rain?


Akwa still looking bemused and surprised for seeing a beautiful lady he carries her purchased foodstuffs for on every Nkwo market day in his apartment, brought a bottle almost filled to the brim with monkey tail (Indian hemp leaf charged up local gin) also called Ogogoro . Not strange to the nurse, she accepted a small glass cup filled with it and drank. Akwa was so surprised that he never knew when he started snapping his fingers.


To Akwa’s greatest of surprises, the Nurse sat loosely before him and the ‘Promised Land’ was seen unhindered, a land which he never knew he would soon enter. What he thought was a sitting mistake was later proved wrong when the Nurse gave him a more revealing view of her ‘inner temple’. Akwa got the message instantly as his rod went berserk and started nodding arrogantly and uncontrollably. Many imaginable things raced through his mind, and he found himself swallowing hard.


‘Let me have another cup the weather is very cold’ She told Akwa.



Akwa then fixed her another cup which she swallowed in a straight draught otherwise called single throw in an ogogoro drinking joint parlance. Her face grimaced as the hot liquid burned down into her stomach. Akwa quickly took two cups in quick succession and dropped the glass. And in what looked like a Dutch Courage, sat close to the Nurse who wasted no time in grabbing Akwa’s manhood and started giving it the itching caress Akwa never once experienced in his life except that very day. As everywhere was cool, and added to the marijuana charged hot drink they were both taking, the Nurse started getting strokes upon strokes that kept her yelling, groaning and moaning, randomly and uncontrollably delivered high pitched. Faced with the hard stroking by Akwa, she decided to pass the night there where she was worked on all through the night till the following day, feeling highly satisfied.


Asked if she is still dating Akwa, she said I now invite him to stay the night with me. I have told my family I’m no longer interest in the marriage with my ex-husband; thank God he was the first to mention it. Let him go with his female students while I go with my new found love, Akwa, the truck pusher that gives me happiness.’ She said delightfully.


It was like RB ruffled his feather when he saw him on campus to get his own side of the story. The lecturer started blowing fuse, asking RB if he was among those sleeping with his wife he vowed to divorce. He saw his wife’s action as a kick in his teeth and vowed that every kobo spent on her must be gotten back. From what RB observed, it will be hard for the senior lecturer to get out of the pains.

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