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Two Years On, I’m Committed To A United, Peaceful Kingdom —Ebu Monarch
Published Oct 04, 2020 IN Features, Personality,
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It was Chinua Achebe in his classic novel, Things Fall Apart that said: “Looking at a king’s mouth, one would never think he sucked his mother’s breast”. Yet, in spite of the ‘kingly’ adoration, the glamour and royalty attached to a king, he was once a child who, wrapped in the comfort and safety of his mother’s hands, sucked her breast and while growing up, got involved in some funny plays that are usually associated with a child.


This was the case of the traditional ruler of Ebu King­dom in Delta Stateand the Onu of Umukojordu, His Royal Majesty, Paul OdilileOpili. Growing up as a little boy with his parents, Onu James Opili and Mrs. Rose Opili;he was fond of living home with his two sisters for moonlight play. But before leaving home, his father would warn him to make sure that he returned back with his sisters and, by no means should any harm befall them. So, each time he went out for the moonlight play with his sisters, in company of friends, he was guided by his father’s advice.


After playing for a long time with his friendsand no­ticed that they had started playing “funny” or doing hide and seek, he would pull back and gently beckon on his sis­ters and ask that they return home. Then, the moonlight play would end and this angered their friends. Some of the friends with whom he went out to play at moonlight are now men and women who are already made. They include Barr. Kema Anita, based in the United Kingdom and a business man in Lagos, Patrick Okebi and today, he recall the event with nostalgia.


Born December 7, 1958, he attended St. Theresa’s Catholic School, Ebu for his primary education before gaining admission to St. Paul’s Grammar School, Ebu for his Secondary School education. He then proceeds to the Federal School of Arts and Science, Sokoto for GCE Ad­vanced Level. Thereafter, he gained admission to Univer­sity of Ife (Now ObafemiAwolowo University), where he read Sociology and Anthropology. Still in search of further education, he moved up to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria for a PostGraduate Diploma programme in Education.


Thereafter, was employed by the Federal Ministry of Education as Education Officer at the Federal Govern­ment College, Kano , before moving to Kings College, Lagos and then Federal Government College, Warri. He was later moved to Federal Inspectorate Service, Asaba, where he rose to the post of Deputy Director of Educa­tion (DDE).


Speaking on his ascending the throne as the king of Ebu, he said, “I was very reluctant to become a king. As a matter of fact, growing up, it never crossed my mind to become a king. My reluctance to accept the offer was partly because of the circumstance surrounding the death of my father but the kingmakers in Ogor, where I come from chose me to be king and after much conviction, I accepted the offer. I went through a lot of traditional processes and was presented the staff of office by the Delta State Government on April 6, 2018.


Two years after his coronation and presentation of staff of office, he seems to have looked back and felt there was the need to gives thanks to God Almighty for preserving his life and given him wisdom with which he had rule over his people. He also thanked the State Governor, Senator Dr. IfeanyiOkowa for honoring Ebu people by giving staff of office to him, adding that, though he is King over his people, all powers belong to God, the supreme and all - knowing creator of the universe.


To his subjects, he says: “To rule has a lot of challenges but my goal is to build a peaceful, united and prosperous kingdom, where brotherly love and the fear of God would reign. He, therefore, appealed to them, to put their dif­ferences aside and join him and his Council of Chiefs to build Ebu Kingdom of that the people desire.


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Ebu is lucky to have you as their king.You have displayed sound leadership and effective blue print to Ebu of our dreams. Onu Umukorjordu!!! Long may you reign.
To God be d glory n all power belongs to him, l am very grateful for what has done for his life, May God gives u d strength to carry n move forward as Onu of Ebu kingdom, long live Onu Umukorjodu Umukorjodu of Ebu kingdom n long live Ebu n Deltaians in general, my thanks also go to d Delta State governor DR Ifeanyi Okowa, l appreciate u all IJN... Anthonia
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