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Ways To Make Your Husband Want You Sexually Again
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 He will suddenly see you in a different light and maybe even get jealous of that handsome col­league who you seem to be very friendly with. This will definitely make him interested in you all over again.


Work out to keep the husband interested in your body


We could talk all we want about personalities and emotions (which are valid points BTW) but being sexually attracted is a lot of about the body too. That’s the reason models and pornstars are ALWAYS sexu­ally attractive, and men (your husband included) are mostly always interested in them. That’s the reason why fitness, nutrition and wellness brands make as much money as they do. And that’s the reason why you should work on getting fit too, if you haven’t already subscribed to this notion. Besides the fact that being fit is a health asset, irrespective of how your sexual life is, it also helps you get the body that your husband can’t afford to ignore even if he tried. No matter how much his responsibilities and problems in life, if he takes a look at his wife and thinks, ‘Damn this woman is hot’, chances are he will still sexually want you. This is something you have total control over, so use it to your advantage. If you have medical ailments like thyroid, diabetes or PCOS that causes weight gain or loss, get yourself treated and do the needful to get in shape again. You will be thankful for a healthy life and Sexy lingerie never hurt nobody.


Now that you have the body it takes to get your hus­band interested in you again, it is time to flaunt it. And what better than some sexy lingerie! Almost all men put lacy underwear on their fantasy lists. The choices are myriad too. The no-brainer, hands-down win is a combination of black satin and lace, but you could also pick other colors that you feel compliment you better. Soft pastels, for example, are great to show off the tan, white has that playful, angelic feel and red is a total show stopper. You could opt for just a matching set of bra and panties in your favoritecolor and fabric or you could get a little fancier with babydolls, teddies, corsets and garter belts. But what is more important is that you need to keep in mind what your husband prefers. Quite a few men have admitted to liking cotton boy shorts and tank tops more than the itsy bitsy ones (their life, their choices, who are we to question?), so if your husband is one of them, opt for these instead.


Bottomline: get your Candice Swanepoel on to make your husband want you sexually again.


Put on a little makeup to woo him again


Although these are basic tips, they are important in getting your husband sexually interested nonetheless. Groom yourself in every which way if you’ve been ig­noring it all this while. He will notice the change and appreciate the effort. Men are visual creatures and no matter how turned on they are by your personality, good looks capture their attention like nothing other. Take time with your showers, scrub and moisturize your way to smooth supple skin that will melt under his touch, and primp yourself further with some makeup. Get your husband to remember that beautiful face he had fallen in love with. Don’t overdo it though; most men don’t particularly like the heavy contouring stuff. Keep it natural and dewy. Or use a red lipstick. Men always notice the red lipstick. If you can direct his atten­tion to your mouth, how long do you think it will take him to go all the way in (yes, that pun was intended).


Do your hair to get his attention


There are some not-so-obvious, scientific reasons for men to sexually want women. One of them is the concept of pheromone, a chemical that is secreted by men, women and animals that trigger sexual attrac­tion. Skin and hair are two of the agents that release pheromones, which is why a head of bouncy, shiny hair is considered so attractive. Shiny and smooth hair is also reflective of good health, which subconsciously makes others feel sexually attracted to you, even if they are not thinking about it. Use this scientific trigger on your husband by getting a deep conditioning spa treatment followed by a fresh blow out. Paired with the aforementioned lingerie, you can see how this can have a total lethal effect on your husband!


Invest in some good fragrance


The pheromones mentioned earlier are actually transmitted through the sense of smell, so the olfac­tory sense plays a significant role in sexually attract­ing your husband (anyone for that matter, but you’re focusing on the husband here). This is the reason why those Axe commercials make sense. This is why you can tell your husband’s “scent” from other men, and likely love it too. Fragrances make matters sensual. If you’ve been taking this aspect lightly, surprise him by wearing a heady but subtle perfume to work the next day. As you walk past him, the whiff will draw his at­tention to you again. To keep him interested forever, religiously wear an eau de toilette after shower before bed to make him want you sexually. Don’t forget to spritz some in your hair to strengthen its effect. As that fragrant hair tumbles over his face, he will be sexually interested in you once again like he was all those years ago.


Tease and titillate to sexually arouse him


When you’re done working on yourself and on your surroundings, it is time to invite him into the act, both explicitly and implicitly. Sex in a marriage can turn frightfully routine and dull and you need to change this asap. Playfulness is key to a romantically fulfilling sexual relationship with your husband. Don’t just wait for the act to happen at night; initiate it right through the day. Send him naughty texts when he’s at work, look into his eyes meaningfully at the dinner table, “accidentally” touch him intimately when you’re walk­ing past each other. In the bedroom too, don’t just lie there. Make him work for it. Tantalize his senses by playing hard to get. Because when you’re hard to get, well, your husband will WANT to get you.


 To be continued next week…….


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