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The Futility Of Hooking Onto A Married Man
Published Oct 03, 2020 IN Column, WILLY BEE, RELATIONSHIP BLITS,
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 Dating a married man as boy or man friend is a disaster waiting to happen.


The sweet coated words he whispers into your ears daily are mere garbage and rubbish. On the short run you could have free lunches here and there but the ultimate goal is not certain.


The married is a burden that would be offloaded eventually. You should not bet your entire life on him because he is not likely to get married to you when the chips are down. The understanding for the pretty lady is that one day he would send his wife at home packing and bring you home to replace her.


The married man we are taking about is above seventy years and he may have begun to lose his senility and the vigour you desire to give you good company. He is likeable and popular to be with but people around you are even jealous of your partnership with him because he is always hanging around you and many prospective bachelors who would want to come close to you are intimidated by his seeming love for you.


What we are talking about resembles agape love which does not necessarily translate into serious love making that guarantees fidelity on the part of the pretty lady who is seen as the Apple of his life. Lovers are genuine when they open their hearts to each other despite the age differential between the loving pair who themselves know that they are merely having the fun of their lives.


He calls her the Princess from Otolokpor and pseudonym is gradually sticking to her and we are happy ever after. She is indeed delectable and attractive and the dream lady for any man who is looking for package lady for the Altar and take the vows of chastity and for ever and ever.


For the observers mind, there is pure love guiding their steps as the love bug is flowing in their veins. They seem inseparable in their follies and they are happy when they see themselves together at the bar and canteen.


Both the lovers are aware of what they are doing with themselves. They are sincerely in Love and if the onlookers are mistaken they could hug a transformer in the next street.


The relationship is good for our mutual souls as we know what we are doing in the interim. We are hones to each other and no one is jealous of the other for looking over each other’s shoulders for another friend.


The relationship is healthy as we behave like father and daughter always as she helps me with by computer print outs and columns at the POINTER every week.


For a man who has seen it all with women at home and abroad in the UK, KENYA AND SIERRALEONE nothing surprises me anymore.


It gives one a feeling of satisfaction by merely seeing ourselves from day to day.


I am almost like an uncle of sort and the day we shall visit Otolokpo hat is when we shall see the difference between genuine friends and lovers.


Otolokpo is a kingdom in Agbor and we had always been fascinated by their looks which are princessly all the time.


My depth of fascination for her is beyond mere words. If I were single I could do all within my means and power to ask for her hand in friendship and ultimately marriage. There is no harm in trial.


The motivation for this peace is to reassure all those who think something is doing on between the Princess and Willy Bee.


There is nothing like that. It is mere infatuation between two souls who are full of respect for each other.


She looks seductive and endowed in more ways than you can imagine. She is a complete woman with all the appropriate endowments backsides and chest wise. If there is any man amongst us who does not like good things of life let him cast the first stone.


Those who hide their feelings are suffering in silence and the day will come we shall see them in their true colours.


This piece is an epistle to the Princess of OTOLOKPOR and whoever that is interested in coming close to her should come through me with an appropriate fee as consultation tag.


Love they say is blind and we could be misled into thinking that we are lovers.


As working partners in the office of the newspaper where I do my regular columns, she encourages me often to write on certain topics which loves to read.


This piece is funny in the extreme and whether she would love it and put it out for the readers to digest is another matter. But here I will rest my epistle to my Otolokpor Princess for whom I owe a lot mutual respect and friendship. I just rest my case.

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