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Housewife Threatens Divorce Over Husband’s Inceasant Eating Of Dog Meat
Published Sep 12, 2020 IN Column, ODDWORLD,
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An Ogwashi-uku based housewife threw caution to the wind recently when she engaged her husband in a fight at a dog spot some four poles away from Anishi Primary School near the roundabout.


The housewife who, as ODDWORLD learnt, has been complaining over the husband’s frequenting of the joint, and was said to have gone after the husband who had earlier complained he had no money to settle for their children school fees, three of whom are said to be attending one of the colleges in the town, while the fourth is in a private primary school.


Having known where he was going to, the popular dog meat joint where many people frequent, particularly the Okada riders, she then decided to give him a little time to settle down before storming there with her explosive missiles.


The Ogwashi -based plumber from a village near Ishiagu in Aniocha South local government area of Delta State, having ordered for two heavy chunk of the oily meat served with yam and soup, what the Urhobos of Delta State refer to as Ukodo, the fever-curing type, he was said to have cleared his throat properly to allow for easy flow of the peppery liquid.


He had just barely engaged the very piece of the dog meat he raised from the plate when the wife, looking very set for a show down, showed from nowhere. Her face, ODDWOLD’s source who happened to be at the scene at that time, hinted that the woman instead of pouring her venom first on her husband, opened the torrent of her vexation on the dog seller, who for close to two minutes stood, speechless with his mouth parted in unbelief like those who were already doing justice to their own plates of dog meat, and the long spoon used in ladling the pepper soup into plates looking as if glued to his hand. He was hugely shocked by the sudden embarrassment.


“You just complained now that you have no money with which to pay your children’s school fees, but here you are now eating dog meat. Where then did you get the money to buy a full load of dog meat into your plate?. Is there any man here that has not paid their children’s school fees? “She asked, rather rhetorically.


A man who attempted to ask her what was the matter, was hushed up, telling him to keep quiet because he was tarred with the same brush as her husband.


The man who simply said in Ika language: “Okwuanunkiteegbudem” (May dog meat will not kill me-o), quickly gathered the remaining piece into his mouth and left the place before the woman descended on her husband with all known insultive words in this world heaped on him, which was followed with physical attack that drew a large crowd to the scene, ODDWORLD’s source hinted.


It was a harrowing experience to behold when ODDWORLD who was contacted on phone finally got there. The plate of the dog meat including the yam and the soup was emptied on the husband’s head. The tangle between husband and wife which ODDWORLD personally witnessed was so rough that anyone who did not know that the fight was between husband and wife would mistake it for a fight between two warring Agberogroup. With the pepper that got into the eyes of the man, the wife was able to flog him mercilessly as he groped for a safety place amidst the burning pain that made him very uncomfortable from the pepper poured into his eyes. It took passers- by close to an hour before they were able to calm down the woman who attacked her husband intermittently on being set free briefly by those holding her.


The wife threatened to divorce the husband, stating that it had been long she started telling the husband to stop drinking and patronizing dog meat shops but all to no avail, saying it was eating of dog meat that was responsible for his unrelenting libido. ‘Every night he will not let me rest. He keeps eating dog meat every now and then. Since he has decided not to stop eating dog meat which cost him a lot of money, and as a result of which he cannot meet up with his responsibilities in the house, I think the safest thing to do is to divorce him my having children for notwithstanding. The husband in a brief interview with ODDWORLD after recovering from the pepper trauma, said what gave him the ability to perform excellently in bed is as a result of his constant eating of dog eat—that his wife has always commended him for his nacking prowess, wondering why she was now disturbing him and complaining that he was all the time disturbing her over his regular demand for sex.

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