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‘Global Governance Has Failed’: Indian PM Modi At G20 Meet
Published Mar 03, 2023 IN Foreign News,
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INDIAN Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday said that multilat­eral institutions had failed to meet the world’s most pressing challenges while opening the G20 foreign minis­ters’ meeting in New Delhi.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is set to dominate the meeting of the world’s top diplomats, with host India labouring to avoid the discord that ended its last G20 meeting.

“We must all acknowledge that multilateralism is in crisis today,” Modi said in a recorded statement.

“The experience of the last few years -– financial crisis, climate change, pandemic, terrorism and wars — clearly shows that global governance has failed.”

While India shares Western con­cerns about China, it is also a ma­jor buyer of Russian arms and has ramped up Russian oil imports.

India has not condemned the Ukraine invasion, although Modi told Putin last year that this was “not a time for war” in comments seen as a rebuke to Moscow.

Modi implored G20 del­egates to make the meeting a success while tacitly acknowledging the bloc’s deep divisions over the conflict.

“We should not allow issues that we cannot resolve together to come in the way of those we can,” he said.

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