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Are You Not An Artist, Too? (2) A Holistic Perspective On The Creative Personality
Published Dec 13, 2022 IN Entertainment,
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 WE are influenced by many factors in trying to make this creation, this wearable art form … the co­lour adaptation is made some­times to suit the day, the event or just our mood, the texture, and the style of the attire, all come into play in the arrange­ment. Once we are satisfied that everything is in the right place for the particular occasion, we take time to prepare these gar­ments by taking care that they are well laundered and there­fore ready for the exhibition in the best possible state. Once a decision has been made on the appropriateness of the exhibit suit the particular occasion, the next step is a careful and intentional and most per­sonal combination of the final presentation with the right accessorizing to arrive at the delicate art object that is you for that particular occasion on that particular day.

In effect, what I am trying to project here is that once the need to cover our naked body does not remain in the realm of pure need, but ascends to the realm of a creative thinking process, we have inadvertently become artists without being conscious or aware of it.

And our choices in this regard differ from day to day – meaning that every day, we are creating (or re-creating) works of pure art, with ourselves as the canvas, and the materials we use to achieve this our desired look and effect the palette. We do it not just to suit our taste, but also to pleasure our audience at that particular time. If we were to sell the creative styles we wear daily, some of us will actually be billionaires for I have seen perfect works of art created and worn by people on a daily basis. Yet when confronted they vehemently claim they are not artists.

The same goes with other aspects of our lives, such as our homes both the interior and the exterior. Depending on our finan­cial strength and our tastes, we organise and decorate our homes in peculiar ways. Again, just as it is with our dress code and grooming, no two interiors are the same un­less they are specially curated by the same professional interior designer.

Even when one owns multiple homes, each home even when styled differently still manages to project a peculiar character, reflecting the particular taste of its owner. Each home, in other words, carries its own­er’s signature – much like a painting carries the signature of the artist – as it signifies the creative intent of the owner.

Even within an individual’s home, it is not uncommon to find one part designed to be more modernist and the other more traditional. One side could have a minimal­ist feel, while another side is rendered with more flourish. These same applications are present in the same way with the artist in the various creations of their works.

Our innate artistic side also expresses itself in many of our other lifestyle choices. The choices we make for instance in the ob­jects we own. But more importantly I want to look at the ways in which we prepare our food. Many people, including those who will strenuously deny having an artistic side, are absolute Michelangelos in the kitchen; they manipulate their spices and other ingre­dients weaving a delicate tapestry as they combine their grocery with the skill of an old art master. The results of their culinary dexterity in dining experiences is capable of transporting the eater to new and previ­ously unknown realms of sheer pleasure. I should know for I am both a practitioner and connoisseur of the fine art of great cooking and elegant dining. I can tell you that the same rush I get when I stand in front of a masterpiece canvas in an exhibition is the same rush I get when I am in my kitchen or other kitchens, inspecting creations of absolute majestic and mouthwatering dishes, especially when the presentation is as perfect as the taste of the dish.

Personally, when I cook, I wield my spoon like a magical wand ready to conjure culi­nary gems. The same pleasure that an art lover gets when he stands and appreciates a perfect work of art is the same pleasure I get when a guest enjoys the delights of my dish with undisguised relish.

What about our outward carriage and the image we wish to project to the rest of the world? The careful and meticulous manner in which we try to project a desired image, and the lengths to which we go in managing our reputation, is not just a mere pastime but it is an art-form. It is even more so when people become so conscious of this public image that they engage professional public relations consultants to help arrange and project their best face to the world. This in itself is an advanced well curated production of an art piece.

So you see, the fact that you do not draw, paint or sculpt does not in any way translate to the fact that you are not an artist. When you succeed in demonstrating the aptitudes discussed above, then certainly you are an artist.

The problem may be that you have not come into that reality or that recognition because once you do, then the reality should be to make it as perfect as possible as the years go by. Same way a tra­ditional artist matures and perfects his art as he grows older. An artist grows. An artist is shaped by his/her experiences in life, an artist matures into his style. Intentionally we all do same, for as we get older in life our choices also changes. It becomes more mature as we adapt to the various factors we are faced with as we age.


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